Bet on Friendship

The film tells the story of four friends who, twenty years after graduating from high school, ask themselves if they are really living the way they wanted to when they were eighteen. And because they have to admit that they can't be proud of themselves, they try to do something about it.
Is it possible to solve a midlife crisis with a provocative life game with almost impossible tasks? How does a man in his early 40s find out if he's a real man? How does he prevent his ideals from corroding, his relationships from crumbling, his dreams from dissolving and his testicles from shriveling? Is it possible for him to find the courage to do something stupid like he did in his youth? Or at least the courage to say what he really thinks at all times? He who completes the task is not a shithead...
If Karel had to characterize what the film would be about, he'd probably say it would be a challenge. The challenge of not being afraid to change and face comfort in the middle of a breakup.
Prvok wouldn't hesitate to add pathetically that it's a story about freedom and the courage it takes to achieve it. And about how to love. Wives, lovers, mothers and daughters.
Dot wouldn't care because he's only into action movies. But if he had any idea how many women he's been with
...he'd be so intrigued by this story that he might go to the cinema to see this film. And Shampoo would especially consider it important that the audience have a good time with the film. Because, according to him, it's all about what Freddie Mercury sang about:
Show must go on!