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FRAME100R s.r.o., headquarters at Františka Kadlece 1259/8, Praha 8, 180 00, IČO: 25079760
LOVE.FRAME s.r.o., headquarters at Rybná 716/24, Praha 1, 110 00, IČO: 27994635
first.FRAME s.r.o., headquarters at Rybná 716/24, Praha 1, 110 00, IČO: 02950057 (hereinafter referred to as "administrators") they are joint controllers of personal data. In this way we would like to inform you about the way we handle your personal information.

We process all personal data in accordance with applicable legislation, in particular under the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Parliament and the EU Council 2016/679 (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”) and related legislation.

Please note that it is essential that the personal data you provide us be accurate and complete and up to date throughout the processing.

If you have any questions regarding the processing of personal data by the administrators, please contact LOVE.FRAME s.r.o., who is the contact person in matters concerning the processing of personal data of authors, specifically to David Sadilek:

Why is this data processed by administrators?

Administrators process personal data without the consent of the author / co-worker / supplier mainly for the following reasons:

a) the conclusion of a service contract.

b) maintaining a database of authors / associates / suppliers and their contact details (direct marketing of own products, sending commercial messages, dispositions and transports).

c) invoicing and bookkeeping.

d) management of receivables from authors / associates / suppliers.

What does the administrators authorize to process personal data for the above purposes?

Administrators are authorized to process personal data if:

a) they need them in order to fulfill any contract (acceptance of a binding order) entered into with any of them by the authors / collaborators / suppliers; in the event that the author / co-worker / supplier refuses to provide such data, it is not possible to conclude the contract, respectively. demand fulfillment from the contract (e.g. execution of the order, provision of service).

b) must fulfill the legal obligations imposed by law.

c) need them for the legitimate interests of their or third parties (eg to maintain a database of suppliers and associates, marketing their own products, sending commercial messages).

What personal data do administrators process?

Administrators process personal data provided in connection with the conclusion of a contract for the supply of services, orders of services, in particular to the following extent:

a) Address and identification data: name, surname, date of birth, resp. person's identification number, address, telephone contact, e-mail address. Furthermore, name, surname, e-mail, telephone contact of external suppliers.

b) Descriptive information: bank account.

c) Photographs, physical signs, sex, in the actors.

d) Administrators shall not process any sensitive data.

Who can administrators access personal information to?

Správci jsou oprávněni zpřístupnit či sdělit osobní údaje:

a) entities or authorities which, in accordance with generally binding legal regulations, are entitled to require the firm to disclose personal data (e.g. police, supervisory authorities, etc.).

b) processors and suppliers with whom the firm cooperates, such as database administrators, accountants, other staff members. At the request of a co-worker, the company shall provide him / her with information about the specific processors to whom he / she provides personal data on the basis of a contract on the processing of personal data.

In what form are administrators processing personal data?

Administrators process data in electronic and paper form. All administrators have been instructed in the privacy policy. Only properly trained persons, and only those who work with them, have access to personal data. The controllers have taken effective measures to prevent unauthorized employees and third parties from having access to personal data.

How long will administrators keep personal information?

The administrators will keep personal data for the duration of the contractual relationship, for the period specified in the relevant legal regulations, or until the respective deadlines set for the exercise or protection of rights by the administrators have expired. Specific information will be communicated upon request.

What are your rights?

a) You are entitled to request from the administrators information about the processing of your personal data, which the controller is obliged to pass on to you without undue delay. You are also entitled to request the rectification or addition of your personal data, the deletion or restriction of processing (but this does not affect the legal obligation of data controllers to process personal data) and you are also entitled to object to the processing.

b) You may file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection.