Debt Busters

The word crisis has become an incantation of nowadays. At the beginning of the crisis was the debt. Appealing and easy life on credit, until the person finds it has no money for installments. If we do not have the money for the first time, we will borrow in another bank, the second time from our acquaintance, the third time from the non-banking corporation ... the debt spiral is spinning and the loop is tightening around us and our families. This is a classical debt scenario with a bad end. Total debt of Czech households currently exceeds 900 billion crowns ... Debt Busters television series broadcast by Czech Television responds precisely to this social problem and tries to help those who have problems with debt, and also to inform these who think about taking the loan. Where do we make mistakes most often? Why do we live every month from salary to salary? How do you get out of it and still be able to secure a family? How do not go mad from all of it?