OVERVIEW in development

Research Station “Overview” crashes on the surface of the Moon. Only one astronaut – Vladimir survives the fatal accident. Unfortunately the rescue mission can’t reach him earlier than in 30 days.
Vladimir's space suit recycles air and fluids, but it is rechargeable only by a solar panel. His survival depends on his ability to move within the sunlight until the rescue team arrives.
What had formerly looked like an adventurous journey slowly changed into a desperate fight for life. But the inhospitable landscape is not his only problem. During his struggle for staying in sunlight Vladimir experiences flashbacks into his past. His materialized recollections randomly disrupt the lunar surface. In his visions he encounters his brother, mother and stepfather. Their family drama gradually reveals.
Stepfather abused both of the children and even their mother. In the consequence the mother was confined to a wheelchair and his brother blamed Vladimir for not standing up to their stepfather.
The story, in both storylines, is resolved when Vladimir stops running.
He must stop to run away from shadows.
He must stop to run away from his stepfather.
He must stop to run away from himself!
He has to change.